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I love...

Things I love( things that are hott):
1. thanksgiving turkeys
2. My smelliness
3. Meow MixXx
4. my songs
5. rice pinatas
6. red itchy arms
7. cold sores
8. when u say "hella"
9. retarded eyelids
10. hair that needs to be brushed
11. sleeping cats and dogs with potatoes on their heads
12. animal sex
13. my randomness
14. the after taste of quesadillas and salsa in my mouth
15. leaves
16. brownies
17. my weird traditions
18. taking pictures when im bored
19. sleeping
20. sitting and talkin on the fone when im really not sayin ne thing
21. money
22. material grl
23. Christian Dior
24. Being Crazy
25. bathrooms
26. my inside jokes
27. being able to read ppls minds actually that doesnt happen
28. haha when u say "cat sex?"
29. when ur embarassed and i laugh and then u get even more embarassed
30. when i laugh uncontrollably
31. when ppl make me laugh
32. good times
33. shopping carts
34. walking only with friends
35. little sniffers
36. when i plan amazing things and i kno they arent goin to happen yes shelby and libby that means us
37. new york
38. traveling
39. europe
40. when andrea says her tutors near buckley
41. when i act in a patronizing way
42. when i talk shit about ppl with friends
43. my incessant bitchiness
44. that includes pms
45. the words that come out of my mouth
46. even if they dont make sense
47. the twin thing
48. when i say the same thing u do
49. when its not awkward ne more
50. when i talk on the fone with ppl and im happy
51. happiness
52. my non stop list that doesnt make sense to ne one
53. presents
54. mail or packages
55. especially from ppl in MA
56. going shopping
57. acting like a retard
58. 24/7
59. pantsing mannequins
60. choosing hott outfits that i'd nvr wear with my lolo
61. shopping with my lolo
62. finding the perfect glass purse to knock out a predatory stalker or mugger
63. soccer
64. ice cream
65. popsicles
66. the beach
67. hott bathing suits
68. my random convos
69. this number
70. i forgot wat i was gonna say
71. my stupidity
72. morning hair
73. my grumpiness
74. my humiliating family
75. the culture
76. of the azn pride
77. animal sounds
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