jadoreyamore (jadoreyamore) wrote,

fun weekend good xmas ...

plans with andrea
went to party things
met my new idol (sammy boy)--> the coolest guy except for maybe alfie theyre my two idols haha andrea

"gimbme dat. dats not chors dat one ish mine!"

"whoa they have dog, or maybe its a deer."

"why would you think it was a shirt?"

"Does it look suede to you?"

"ur neighbors have a dog...wait no its a goat"

"ahhh! its a tigersss"

"Its the fat thing u ride"

"y do dey tells you do wear dis one? y do they tells you to be a bads girl? y do dey tells you to be stupid?"

"Read books read books"

hahah such good times

pictures :

its xmas time

haha tristan (old man jk) playing halo 2 with cody (little kid)i dont get the obsession thing


a random rabbit thing that made me laugh

ho ho ho
merry xmas
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