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overview of the past weekend-

fri- nice day at home i think
sat- i went to work
sunday- haha it was the best day first dorielle and justin and i all went to the skirball for sci but then we took a taxi to go meet up with chelsea haha justin thought the guy was gonna take us to a trailer park.. then we met up with chelsea and we were supposed to do our project but got seriously side tracked

today was a really shitty day

all the classes really sucked today and my parents are mad at me and i didnt really do ne thing they expect me to do everything when all i have is like an hour after skool to rest then i go do my hmwk then i have to go do all this shit for them its not like they even appreciate it they expect me to do it when i think its so uncalled for ... then its like my mom makes me feel guilty and then i feel all shitty and depressed! they make me wish i nvr was born or i was still at boarding and didnt have to see them
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