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Pictures that i have finally posted
some are juss random
or from halloween
etc etc u kno ;)

yessers that andrea and i at cpk

dorielle (my sexXxy muffin) and i at assembly

my dog after i tortured and forced him into his pumpkin costume haha he looks terrified

kristina dakota emily and andrea on halloween

kristina and me at dakotas

abby and i before my xcountry meet and her bball game lookin like dorks in our uniform haha

awww andrea and gabe how cute

haha andrea gabe and i !!!!!!

yes yes yes we r obsessed with gabe
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hah gabe...charlotte ur so georgous!!
haha thx u r too!!!
cuute pics
lol gabe looks funny

thx ur pictures always come out really good!!

Deleted comment

yes that is us being retards i love the pic with andrea and gabe haha
omg... fucker! i need to see you now! who is that kid ib that last pic?

luv ya babes!
haha ya its gabe hence the caption jk
hey my love whats up i love you and the galla was to much fun
you need to bring ur camera to school
and u and me u kno jk love ya
my love!! yes i'm gonna bring my camera and we'll take pictures!! weehoo haha
hey CHARLOTTE!! ooooooooommmmmmg you look so purdy in those pictures!!! haha your dog is so absolutely adorable (and so is Gabe)!!!! Just wanted to tell you "HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY-ish" and that I love you!!!!!:-)
Have a great vacation!!
awww!!!!!!! haha thx! haha yes yes gabe is vry vry cute and thx so much for the b-day wishing!!! i appreciate and and thx soooo much!!!!!!!