jadoreyamore (jadoreyamore) wrote,


Ahhh! got back from new york today, it was so much fun!!!
i went for my b-day with my mom. went shopping and got shnuff.

enjoy the random pics

- haha two azn kids fighting with each other hilarious
- askin my mom to go to the sex shop so i could get a gift for dorielle
- my mom screaming at the cab driver
- shopping for my hos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the side of the empire state building i kno u think thats hot haha

rockefeller center with the ice skating rink

radio city

st. something cathedral w/e

central park

central park again

horse carriage thing that gave me allergies

YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that made me laugh

random i kno but its such a cute sweater from barneys i love it *hint hint*

my baby!!!!!!!!!!

haha oyaaaaaaa sexXxy dress with blacked out face cuz i looked retarded haha

me lookin retarded in the so called slut shirt from my mom

party skirt from armani exchange
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Deleted comment

haha yes yes that is the typical azn mom when annoyed haha and thx and yes the tree looks empty cuz they didnt decorate until later
and i didnt take a pic cuz my mom was like hurry up!!!!!! haah funnie
hey love u dont kno how much i missed u!
love you (DUH!)
my love!!!!!! yes yes i missed u so much (x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)!!!!! muah
i love new york
those are some cool pics
yup new york is the greatest and thx!
charlotte u bitch! i think i missed u more than everyone haha (juss kiddin..i think) lol and u look so sexy! for sure..get people to add me.. i dunno how to do this shit cuz tammy made mine.......much love
rahahahahmuhahhahaa i am queen bitttcccchhhhhhhh hhaaa queen de la shop haha and NO ur not jk about missing me more than everyone cuz u KNO u did haha and haha wats sexier than me are the retard pictures we take during our daily traditions haha we're goin to find the shopping cart haha and then im goin to push u and dorielle to the galleria haha and yes HEY EVERYONE ADD ANAKALIA310 cuz its andrea and she's my little azn tomato hhaa the BAM BAM NIGGA!!! and they were like 5 haha and to add friends go to manage and then click on friends and then yaaaaaa.... mucho amor haha
hey charlotte
nice pictures we missed you

"fo shizzle my nizzle ur nippizzles r turning me onizzle ORASMICIZZLE" HAHAHA
love you
haha u kno that dorielle and i turn u on haha
new york is almost as hot as you....
and im not nearly as hot as u ..................................
YO! those pix are amazing except there arent enough pictures of u.
I love how u brought the shopping bag to school today and you were
talking about ur BABy. You are sOOo0ooo0oOo0ooo0OO0oo0oO hottttt
hahaha yes yes its my baby i love it! haha and ur sooooOOOoooOoOOOooOOOoOOOOOooooOoOooOo x 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 much hotter!