jadoreyamore (jadoreyamore) wrote,


Ahhh! got back from new york today, it was so much fun!!!
i went for my b-day with my mom. went shopping and got shnuff.

enjoy the random pics

- haha two azn kids fighting with each other hilarious
- askin my mom to go to the sex shop so i could get a gift for dorielle
- my mom screaming at the cab driver
- shopping for my hos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the side of the empire state building i kno u think thats hot haha

rockefeller center with the ice skating rink

radio city

st. something cathedral w/e

central park

central park again

horse carriage thing that gave me allergies

YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that made me laugh

random i kno but its such a cute sweater from barneys i love it *hint hint*

my baby!!!!!!!!!!

haha oyaaaaaaa sexXxy dress with blacked out face cuz i looked retarded haha

me lookin retarded in the so called slut shirt from my mom

party skirt from armani exchange
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