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I'm lost...will you take me home??

saturday- andrea came over and we met up with some ppl at the galleria to go see a movie bad movie and serious dilemmas with the whole planning haha and then andrea and i went back to mi casa and got brownies which was worth every minute waiting and thats about it....
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sounds fun!
i was ther, how come i didnt see you?
mm... ne way
i miss yo babes and we need plans..
comment on my lj (hott pics)
i went at an odd time sry i missed u and yes thx!
ahh my charlotte...
i love you
yes yes ur the fear i have overcome haha i love u and MEOW!
hellooooooo..damn tell people to fucking add me lol...im bored and dammn people attacked me today lol wowowow ttul luv ya
hellooooooooooo did u gets a stolens??? haha yes they attacked u for u candy and cuz they uhh wanna get wit yo cute ass haha im lmao
hell yeahh..and goddamn i need my digital camera NOW or ima kill my self and fuckk i dont wanna study for finals!
growll....im happy haha weeehooo and over break it will be peeeecturree time cuz last time we were retarded haha and go get it fixed!! ush ur brainss and finals suck im not goin to study
hey sounds like you had fun
in the mood for brownies..
love you-justin



December 9 2004, 23:04:08 UTC 13 years ago

what does S.O stand for????
i agree kudos my friend haha