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Haha sooo Dorielle came over so we could "study" for goddamn finals

but as usual we got bored
and took pictures
theyre random but who gives


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i can see that you both
very hard.
haha ya u kno it
i love ur
dorielle has some major talent there... ya and major productivity goin on there
haha u kno it
grrrowl rawr etc
Okk ppl stop posting anonymous gay comments trying to say shit about ppl becuz as we kno it doesnt do ne thing and go do something productive with your lives stupid asses god and dorielle is hott as hell and being open with your sexuality is hott

if you don't like it then go do something else instead of posting a stupid ANONYMOUS comment

if you're goin to go say shit at least leave your name cuz otherwise ur juss a moronic coward

anonomous posting is a sign of insecurity... im sure you think dorielle is hot and you know you have no chance with her
who the fuck said shit bout dorielle
dorielles a hottie
..especially in the 5th and 6th picture